This Hands-on Training is dedicated to Posterior CAD/CAM dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation of dentition by different approaches. The program has been created in an «A to Z» style, which means that participants will be guided through the whole rehabilitation sequences and managing vertical dimension of occlusion.

Participants will learn all steps related to reconstruction from single posterior tooth to full mouth rehabilitation:

A new restorative concept based on the biomimetic approach of posterior teeth /Simplifying the lab/clinical steps of digital managing vertical dimension of occlusion /Occlusal Compass and Function / Principles of tooth preparation for occlusal veneers /
Restorative design including CAD/CAM driven Wax up and Mock Up/ Biogeneric copy and individual design mode / Bio Jaw technique / BioMechanics – Materials for restorations / Bonding protocol

Day 1: Posterior Single Tooth Reconstruction - Margin elevation / Design Driven by Function

Deep Margin Elevation (DMA) – Treatment approach for large defects with deep subgingival interdental margin (Class II) by milled CAD/CAM restoration. Hands-on training form A to Z.

Design Driven by Function / Digital approach:

  • Terminology
  • Linear scanning approach
  • 3D Buccal bite – Dual buccal bite – Occlusion check
  • Digital facebow – JMT+ / CBCT scan integration ( JMTXD file)
  • SiCAT Function
  • Smile design / Face scan integration
  • Digital articulator settings (average and individual)
  • Occlusal compass
  • Articulation / Static – Dynamic occlusion / Occlusion trauma

Day 2: Fullmouth Rehabilitation – Part 1.

  • Therapies of choice based on severity of wear and type of occlusion
  • Managing vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Design and printing of Jig template for Incisal Pin Technique
  • CR registration – Buccal bite scanning position
  • Digital Wax-up of occlusal veneers:
    • Milled version
    • Design printed by Virtual seating mode
  • Mock-up
  • Functional evaluation – setup of final vertical dimension
  • Tooth preparation principles - preparation driven by Mock-up
  • Scanning techniques - gingival mask catalogue approach

Day 3: Fullmouth Rehabilitation – Part 2. / Partial and Full Removable Dentures

  • Biogeneric Copy / 1:1 Copy mode design
  • Evaluation of different milling algorithms
  • Material indications
  • Dry field isolation and Bonding/Luting Protocol

Partial and Full Removable Dentures (Lecture and Demonstration):

  • Fixed frameworks for Partial dentures
  • Partial dentures and Attachmets
  • Materials and indications
  • Full arch digital dentures – Record methods and workflow

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