Digital Implantology

This module is dedicated to digital implantology focused on chaiside CAD/CAM procedures and CBCT integration. The aim of this course is to show the latest techniques and materials that allow the clinician to carry out a complete digital implant treatment, from the planing to the final restoration. Digital workflow and chairside production open new perspectives in oral implantology but also require updating the clinician on novel concepts and procedures. A 3 days hands-on training is designed to deliver a theoretical and practical program including an implant live treatment, where the course content will be put into practice.
CBCT/ 3D versus 2D/ Basic Implant Planing. CBCT and CAD/CAM integration/ Advanced Implant Training. Surgical Guides/ Milled versus Printed/ Softwares. Digital Impressions/ Scanpost-Scanbody system. Implant restoration design/ Customized healing abutments/ Soft tissue molding. Provisional restorations/ Final restorations/ Materials/ Characterization/ Finalization.

Day 1: CBCT / Planing / Chairside surgical guide

  • CBCT Software / Basic Implant Planing
  • Virtual Wax-up / CBCT and CAD/CAM integration / Advanced Implant Planing
  • Hands on training
  • Chairside Surgical Guide design / Milled guides / Printed Guides
  • Surgical Guide Systems
  • STL files export / DICOM to STL conversion
  • 3D printing
  • Hands on training

Day 2: Digital impressions / Digital Restoration design / Production and finalizationZATION

  • Digital Impressions / Scanpost-Scanbody system / Digital Workflow
  • Ti-base and Chairside production / Materials
  • Digital Restoration Design / 5 Steps technique / Software
  • Provisional Implant Restoration / Characterization / Surface treatment / Finalization
  • DAP technique / Soft tissue molding / Customized Healing Abutment / Immediate Loading
  • Hands on training
  • Abutment Characterizatrion / Aesthetic Implant Dentistry
  • Final Implant Restoration / Characterization / Surface treatment / Finalization
  • Hands on training

Day 3: Live implant treatment

  • Live Implant Treatment (Single restoration)
  • Multiple Implant Restorations / Bridges
  • Full mouth digital protocol / Connect Software / Clinical-Lab Workflow
  • Hands on training
  • “One Appointment” Implant treatment / Digital versus Analogue Implantology / Final conclussions

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