Anterior II.

The topic of this course is dedicated to Digital Aesthetic Dentistry on the frontal teeth following the Chair-side process .

Planning a new smile we must reach two different objective connected with the clinical aspects and marketing.

The simulation of the final result directly on the patient’s mouth is fundamental, because thanks to the mock-up it is possible to evaluate the impact of our project not only on the frontal teeth but in to the whole patients face, evaluating, also the incisal guide the canine guides and eventually the vertical dimension changes.

The program always will take in consideration the need of the patient that we will treat in each course, it means that we will create the definitive treatment plan together considering all the aspect that could condition the final results not only from a clinical point of view but also from a psychological point of view.

During the course I will show you all the protocol step by step on a real case, from the study of the smile to cementation of the prosthetic devices on a patient.

Day 1: Photos / Video / Planning new Smile /Mock-up

Photo / Video: I will share all the information necessary to take proper photos and videos.

  • Shooting techniques;
  • Photography set;
  • Aperture & Ligthtroom software;
  • Keynote / Powerpoint / Imovie software (preparatory for DSD)
  • Digital Smile Design: step by step all the protocol.
  • Standard protocol
  • Digital protocol using digital tools
  • Direct protocol (on the patient’s mouth) with “AFD Technique (ANTERIOR FRAMEWORK DESIGN)”

Mock-up: how to create the best result of the final simulation choosing the properly technique.

  • Mock-up: how to create the best result of the final simulation choosing the properly technique.
  • Direct mock-up with AFD Technique;
  • Digital Mock-up;
  • Wax-up & silicon index technique
  • Skin mock-up technique;
  • Standard silicon index technique

Aesthetic anterior clinical consideration connected with the simulation of the final result in order to create the definitive Treatment Plan

  • Treatment Plan: management, sharing with each member of the Staff and the patient;
  • How to sell better your therapy? Create an emotional and interactive presentation for your patient.

Day 2: Preparation & CAD-CAM steps: Digital impression / Digital project /Digital tools/ CAD-CAM blocks Material/ Milling

Preparation concept: this step is probably one of the most delicate in the all protocol of work, and it is necessary to proceed carefully to obtain at the end a predictable results.

  • Preparation protocol techniques: what kind of preparation? why?;
  • Preparation starting from the mock-up
  • Silicone index to check the preparation
  • Preparation with the microscope
  • Immediate Dentin sealing
  • Preparation check with digital tools
  • Retraction systems

Digital impression by scanner

  • Digital general concept about digital impression
  • Bio-copy function tip & tricks applied directly to the patient
  • Scanning techniques of the mock-up
  • Scanning techniques of the teeth prepared
  • Scanning technique to create “Gingival mask” in anterior cases after soft tissue conditioning

Digital project by software CEREC &PREMIUM of the same case

  • Project of the new virtual smile step by step
  • Instrument digital tools
  • Milling and granding
  • Burs: to optimizing the final result about accuracy and precision

Materials: what the market is offering today?

  • Dental CAD-CAM ceramics: features & indications
  • Compound CAD-CAM materials: features & indications
  • Managing of the different materials during each step

Day 3: Finalization of the prosthetic devices after their milling: Polishing technique  / Staining technique /Cut-back technique/ Cementation/Dental Hygiene Process after cementing

General concepts about micro & macro texture, shapes & natural smile,

  • Polishing technique protocols step by step: what materials? what instruments? in which cases?
  • Staining technique protocols step by step: what materials? what instruments? in which cases?
  • Cut-back technique protocols step by step: what materials? what instruments? in which cases?

Cementation: protocol step by step

  • Isolation of the operative site with the rubber dam (application of the concepts explaining during the module 1)
  • Prosthetic devices management before cementing considering the different materials;
  • Enamel & dentin conditioning
  • Bonding / Fundamental procedures for indirect bonded restorations apply directly to the patient.

Dental Hygiene Process after cementing

  • How to maintain all the prosthetic devices after their cementation: protocol step by step
  • Which instruments to avoid to damage the thin veneers?
  • Conclusions

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