Anterior I.

This Hands-on Training is dedicated to Anterior CAD/CAM dentistry and smile makeovers. The program has been created in an «A to Z» style, which means that participants will be guided through the whole sequence of aesthetic rehabilitation from case planning to the bonding of veneers and crowns.

Participants will learn all steps related to smile reconstruction from smile design to clinical performance:

Photo / Video / Face Scan Protocols and Smile Design Concepts | Power of Biocopy : RECYCLE - STRETCH - DATABASE | The most popular BioCopy concepts SHAPPES and SKIN | Microscope driven Preparation guided by silicon index | Scanning Techniques | 3D Printing models | focused on Functional Approach / 3D mandible movements recording | Rubberdamology | Finishing, polishing and individualization of milled restorations | Full bonding procedure of veneers and crowns.

Day 1: Planning / Face Scan / SHAPPES / SKYN / 3D Printing

• Photo / Video protocols and Smile tools

• Face Scan Protocol – treatment planning and production using 3D patient data / Gingiva Mask Guidance

• BioCopy Techniques : Recycle - Stretch - Database • SKIN Concept – DSD workflow – Manual creation of the SKYN Mockup on the phantom head – scanning

• SHAPPES Technique – Digital Mockup manufacturing according SHAPPES Catalogue from Wax or PMMA - adapting to phantom head – Biocopy scanning

• 3D Printers - manufacturing dental models for BioCopy Techniques

• Silicone index for guided preparation

Day 2: Preparation / Design / Milling

• Rubber dam / Split dam technique before preparation

• Microscope driven preparation (2 teeth - 1 veneer and 1 crown) with special focus on dentist / assistant ergonomic position and working in indirect view

• Analysis of preparation by CEREC software tools

• IDS – Immediate Dentin Sealing

• Scanning techniques / Tips &Tricks

• Designing using the Biocopy mode

• Milling / Different algorithms / MCXL PP and MCX5

Day 3: Individualizations / Bonding - Luting

• Rubberdamology – advanced rubber dam techniques for multiple restorations

• Finishing and polishing techniques of milled restorations

• Optical Illusions / Stain and Glaze Technique

• Bonding / Fundamental procedures for indirect bonded restorations (Resin cements and Pre-heated composite luting process)

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